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Elephants – Highly intelligent animals that display complex social behaviours such as greeting ceremonies, tactile contacts, vocal communication, scent communications, social play, parenting, communal care and teaching that are similar to humans.


In Bambini Montessori, children are introduced to all these attributes that are essential to their development. BM resembles the leading mother elephant who will do our best in showering our students with tender love and care, imparting new skills and knowledge.





Our Team Members


Anna Lim (Centre Manager)
Aileen Chia (Montessori Teacher for Preschooler)
Apple Tan (Montessori Teacher for Preschooler, Senior Teacher)
Tian Yan Fei (Chinese Teacher for Preschooler)
Tan Lay Sian (Toddler Teacher)
Mao Zi Yi (Toddler Teacher)
Teacher Val (Toddler Teacher)
Chin Yew Chan (Infant Teacher)
Zhou Shu Ting (Infant Teacher)
Ling Char Boh (Infant Care Assistant)
Susan Ee (Infant Care Assistant)


Other team members’ profile are coming soon…


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