The Infant & Toddlers’ learning environment is organized into the following areas: –

  • Practical Life – Activities to enhance fine motor & self-help skills.
  • Sensorial – Stimulate sensory development and learn proper vocabulary to describe the feeling, texture and identify the differences.
  • Physical development – gross motor activities like walking stairs, climbing, crawling, pushing, pulling, lifting, running.
  • Listening and Speaking – Through storytelling, singing of rhymes, music & movement activities.
  • Creativity – Through art & crafts, dramatic play, cookery to stimulate their imagination. As the young children are at their early stages of developing their fine and gross motor skills, the focus is more on the process rather than on the final product.

The Preschoolers’ learning environment is organized into the following areas: –


Practical Life
The purpose of practical life activities is to promote independence and self-reliance through gaining competence in many adult-like skills.  These activities help develop eye-hand coordination, gross and fine motor skills, concentration, attention to detail and a sense of order.


All learning is integrated through the senses.  The sensorial apparatus are designed to enhance sensory development.  Children learn to discriminate colour, shapes and feel as well as proper vocabulary to identify attributes.


The purpose of the language curriculum is to encourage clear, meaningful communication both as means of self-expression and as the foundation to foster better understanding amongst individuals. The Montessori method of association of sound and symbol through work with sandpaper letters, metal insets for tracing and “movable alphabet” letters enables the child to learn through his senses and make discovering language fun. 


Children experience pre-math preparation in Practical Life and Sensorial through exercises focusing on one-on-one correspondence, ordering, sequencing, estimating, measuring, conservation of quantity and geometric shapes. These experiences will enhance their learning when they are ready to utilize the Mathematics materials.    


Children are inspired by an appreciation for the wonder of our universe and BM aims to encourage children to come to realize their part in it. The cultural curriculum includes the study of botany, zoology, geography, physical sciences, geometry and history.


Using of theme based activities to introduce new words, rhymes, art & crafts and stories to children. Enhance children’s understanding and confidence in using Mandarin through small group teaching. Pre-writing Chinese characters and new words are introduced to children using similar Montessori method. Our specially made materials allow children to learn new words at their own pace.


Children explore a wide variety of materials and techniques through art and play dough to stimulate their imagination.


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